Railings for Stairs Brampton

Railings for Stairs Brampton

There are probably a lot of parts to a staircase that you never thought of before but if you are planning for an upgrade, you are likely becoming more aware of them now. One of the most important components is the stair railings . This is what helps keep you safe and provides you with support as you travel up and down. While it is a key functional aspect of to a staircase, it is also an aesthetic element that you can alter or replace when redecorating to better fit in with your new space.

Stair Renovation Brampton

What exactly is stair renovation? It can cover a lot of different areas from staircase repair, maintenance, redesign and custom work. If you are getting a new or remodeled project done for your stairs, the work will include the obvious changes to the stair treads themselves, but also the fixing of any squeaking steps and the installation of new posts, spindles and handrails. Not only will this make the structure of the stairs safer, it is a great time to change the style of those parts to coincide with the décor of your home.

Brampton Staircase Companies

Who do you turn to when you need your stairs fixed? Your family, friends, neighbours or co-workers likely know a good contractor or electrician but may be stumped when it comes to staircase companies. A good place to check is HomeStars, Canada’s largest and most-trusted contractor evaluation company. For the last three years, they have awarded Ideal Stairs the ‘Best Of’ status because of our great customer reviews that include competitive pricing, quality materials and craftsmanship.

What are your Dream Brampton Stairs?

Whether you are into traditional, heavy wood finishes or open concept (see-through) stairs, you have many options at your disposal when choosing a new or custom design, or an upgrade to an existing staircase. Talk to your professional staircase team about complete stair replacement versus less expensive stair recapping and options like sanding and staining to update the look of your stairs for a more modern or antique feel, depending on the style of your décor.


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