West Gwillimbury Custom Railings for Stairs

West Gwillimbury Custom Railings for Stairs

Stairs serve as a functional feature when travelling from one level to the next in your home, and is also a major decorative piece when used to compliment the interior decorations. Stair railings is an area to start updating, whether it is to replace the handrail with a new design, size or colour. If you prefer simply changing the colour, we can sand and re-stain this piece.  As for the balusters, we offer wood, iron or by special order, stainless steel in various colours, styles and textures. If there are posts on your stairs, we can easily replace them with a different style or design, and colour. Changing the appearance of your staircase can alter the look and feel of your home substantially.

Stair Renovation West Gwillimbury

Being a homeowner usually means there will be renovations and repairs. Since stairs are typically the centre of attraction, you may want to start renovating this piece. In only a few days, your stairs can be transformed into an elegant structure through recapping or sanding and staining to help improve the interior decorations. Staircase Companies Serving West Gwillimbury

Having our own GTA factory means Ideal Stairs can keep costs and timelines to a minimum by manufacturing just about every part needed to make your staircase perfect. Through great customer reviews, we have been awarded with the “Best Of” title over the last three years by HomeStars, Canada’s largest and most trusted home improvement professional review website.

West Gwillimbury Stairs

Are you using your staircase to its full advantage? Think beyond its functionality and get creative with the aesthetics There are numerous wood designs and finishes to choose from, allowing our customers to get creative and enhance the beauty of your stairs using it as a major decorative focal point for your living space.


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