Custom Railings for Stairs Woodbridge

Custom Railings for Stairs Woodbridge

The great allure of owning a dream home is having everything just the way you have always envisioned it. Having a grand staircase as the focal point to your entryway can easily be attained with custom railings for stairs. By implementing your own creative style or choosing from a wide array of wood designs and finishes, your ideal staircase will become a reality.

Stair Renovation Woodbridge

If you just moved into a new home or are looking to revamp the look of your current house, you may want to start with a stair renovation. Since the staircase is a major functional and design element in a home, choosing the wood finish and style of the stairs, balusters and posts can set the tone for the look and feel to the rest of the house.

Woodbridge Staircase Companies

Based in the GTA, Ideal Stairs has an on-site factory which allows us to manufacture almost every component needed for a staircase project. Not only does this help save money for our customers, it also minimizes the time required to complete you stair project. Customers have been so thrilled with Ideal

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Canada’s largest and most trusted home improvement professional review website has given us the “Best Of” award for the past three years.

Woodbridge Stairs

Have you already renovated the interior of your house, but have yet to think twice about your carpeted or dull hardwood stairs? Since stairs are used on a daily basis for travelling from one floor to the next, it will become old, dull and out of style in comparison to the rest of the decorations and renovations made over the years. Through recapping, or sanding and staining, and replacing the railing system, your stairs can look amazing while complimenting the rest of your living space for a comfortable and glamorous look.


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