Staircase Railing Toronto

Staircase Railing Toronto

Railings are a safety necessity especially if you have small children, elderly persons, or even a disabled individual. Everyone relies on these railings to help them descend down and go up the stairs and prevent any falling accidents. At Ideal Stairs, we ensure that the railings are installed properly by professional installers to insure the safety of the people you love at all times.

Besides having a necessary safety function , railings can add a dramatic look to your staircase and ultimately your home.

We provide three additional services that come in divine, beautiful wood: Handrails, spindles and posts all to perfect your staircase to both provide the best safety for your family and elevate the beauty of your home.

Handrails (wood)

Loose rails can lead to major accidents. Ideal Stairs professionals ensure that are beautifully crafted handrails are installed properly. These additions are a necessary safety precaution and work to add drama, and beauty to the rest of your home decor. Wooden handrails are an excellent choice especially for indoor spaces, they can be customized by paint in different colours and can be carved into beautiful designs and patterns to your choosing.

Spindles (wood and iron)

Spindles need to be installed perfectly because they support the handrails. They prevent them from becoming loose overtime and easy for accidents to happen. Wooden spindles offer a traditional but dramatic look to your home, while iron spindles bring a modern and fresh look.

Posts (wood)

Not only do wooden posts provide a decorative finish to your staircase, but also provide a grip for anyone descending and ascending the stairs. Posts are also responsible for keeping the handrail and spindles tight and in tact. Posts can be made into different shapes and designs to top off your dramatic or modern staircase.

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