Milton Custom Railings for Stairs

Milton Custom Railings for Stairs

The main purpose of having stair railings is to meet safety and functional standards. But take a closer look at all the public and private spaces you visit in Milton and you will see that stairs are also an important design element in a room and can really set the tone and feel. With that in mind, upgrading and customizing stair railings can be part of any re-decoration effort for your home, and can be as impactful as a fresh coat of paint on the walls.

Stair Renovation Milton

How many times have you or your kids ran up and down the staircase? It is easy for wear and tear to set in but how do you know it is time for stair renovation? Creaking, squeaking and broken stair treads are a clear sign you may require some repairs. Stair renovation can also include bigger safety issues like damage from flooding, pests or vermin and even structural misalignment.

Go with the Best of the Best Milton Staircase Companies

It can be difficult to decide who to call when you need stair refinishing or a custom staircase design overhaul. Canada’s largest and most-trusted contractor evaluation company, HomeStars, has recognized Ideal Stairs as its “Best Of” winner for the past three years. The honour is based on reviews from dozens of customers that have rated us as one of the best staircase companies because of our commitment to honouring client budgets, using quality wood and supplies while working with customers to create the ideal staircase solutions for them.

Milton Stairs for Life

Stairs are meant to last many decades in an average household. Based off the age of your home, your stairs may require renovation for the purpose of modernization or to meet the building code. Stairs, railings, spindles and all other add-ons and finishes that make up a staircase are not only about quality and function but also appearance. Changing the look with stair recapping, or sanding and staining can have a positive effect on the rest of the living space. These options can be completed in as little as a few days to minimize the stress, and inconvenience of home owner renovations.


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