Caledon Custom Railings for Stairs

Caledon Custom Railings for Stairs

More than just a system to help us get up or down the stairs in one piece, stair railings are an important component to any interior décor. With so many wood and iron designs, colours and finishes to choose from, you can add an elegant, dramatic, classic or rustic touch to your interior décor by altering the look of the handrails, balusters and posts.

Stair Renovation Caledon

If it is time for an overhaul in your home’s design theme, consider starting with the staircase first. A stair renovation project can really set the tone for the rest of the house based on the wood design and finishes you choose for the stairs, handrails, spindles and posts. Whatever your tastes are, there is a wide array of options to choose from including your own custom ideas.

Staircase Companies for Caledon

Since we are rated “Best Of” three years in a row by HomeStars, Canada’s largest and most trusted home improvement professional review website, you know we are one of the top stair renovation companies. That is why Ideal Stairs is sticking with our winning formula of competitive pricing, expert workmanship, and use only the highest quality materials for your stair project.

Caledon Stairs

Whether you prefer cool, sleek and modern or warm, traditional and rustic themes, using your stairs to convey your preferred style can create great impact. Since a staircase is such a major functional design feature in a home, changing the handrails, balusters, posts, recapping or sanding and staining the stairs or surrounding floor can quickly change the look and ambiance of your space.



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