Railings for Stairs Scarborough

Railings for Stairs Scarborough

Having something secure to hold onto when travelling up and down a staircase is important, especially for children, the elderly and less than able bodied family members. Railings for stairs serve more than just a functional and safety purpose, they can also be a major design element. Make your railings really pop with a new style, design or colour to better match or upgrade your home’s interior design.

Stair Renovation Scarborough

Sometimes home improvement projects can feel like it lasts forever, and may even get in the way of daily family routines. To assist our customers, while we renovate your stairs we will also install or refinish hardwood flooring, providing a smoother and seamless experience. Update your home’s décor by recapping, sanding and staining and upgrading the railing system either by modernizing or adding a more traditional appearance. At the same time, install new flooring or refinish it to compliment your home’s interior decoration

The Best of Scarborough Staircase Companies

Located in the heart of Scarborough, Ideal Stairs has an office and factory in the same location which means we are able to manufacture most parts needed for any staircase repair or renovation. This sets our company apart from some of our competitors since we are able to produce parts for your stair project in less time and more cost efficiently. We have also been presented the “Best Of” award for the past three years at HomeStars, Canada’s largest and most trusted homeowner contractor review website.

Scarborough Stairs

Grand or simple, rustic or modern, open concept or practical there are so many options when it comes to remodeling or changing the look of your stairs and its surrounding living space. Replacing or refinishing the railing system ie. Handrails, balusters and posts can turn your stairs into the centre of attention. While we upgrade your railing system we can refinish your stairs and its surrounding floor area to compliment your interior decoration for a more dramatic appearance


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