Railings for Stairs Toronto

Railings for Stairs Toronto

Whether you are young or old, anyone can slip, trip and fall while on the stair maneuvering from one floor the next, which is why having a secure railing system is so important in any home. Since a stair railing system is used on a daily basis, overtime the various components can become loose and compromise its safety functionality. In addition, the overall appearance can also become worn, dull and no longer compliment surrounding interior decorations. This is a great opportunity to change the appearance of the entire railing system, and at the same time secure any loose components. There are many options and selections to choose from to suit the needs of everyone, whether for safety or aesthetics to compliment your interior design

Stair Renovation Toronto

Do you already have an ideal staircase in mind? Whether it is traditional or modern with wood or iron railing system, we can assist our customers in achieving their custom stairs through stair renovation. Not only does a renovation job include fixing creaking stairs and wobbly posts, it also includes remodelling your stairway to better suit the style and décor for the rest of the house. Whether you have ideas of your own or need professional guidance, a reputable and reliable staircase company can help make your dream staircase a reality.

The Best of Toronto Staircase Companies

Ideal Stairs head office and factory are in the heart of the Greater Toronto Area, allowing us to manufacture custom and pre-designed staircases, and railings.  This enables us to offer more time and cost efficient results compared to other staircase companies. HomeStars, Canada’s largest and most-trusted contractor evaluation company has also given Ideal Stairs the “Best Of’ award for three years in a row. We could not have received this recognition without all our high rating testimonials and reviews.

Toronto Stairs

Stairs are a major focal point yet often overlooked as a potential design element in a room or entryway. It can compliment the style of a home and have guests turning their head in admiration. Recapping, sanding and staining (both the stairs and floors) are relatively quick and easy ways to change the look of your home to better match its décor.


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