Georgina Custom Railings for Stairs

Georgina Custom Railings for Stairs

Railings for stairs are a key part to any staircase as they help give support as we travel between the floors of our homes. They are especially important for the young, elderly and disabled and may need to be customized to better meet their needs. Handrails are also a design element so feel free to experiment with different wood styles and finishes to enhance your home’s design theme.

Stair Renovation Georgina

Since you are now looking at your staircase as the major design element  maybe a change for more than just the railings are in order. A stair renovation project including sanding, recapping and staining the staircase and even the surrounding floor will bring remarkable results to your interior décor and can be completed within a few days.

Staircase Companies Georgina

Looking for the top staircase companies? Ideal Stairs has earned the “Best Of” title for the past three years from HomeStars, Canada’s largest and most trusted home improvement professional review website. With our own warehouse in the heart of the GTA, we are able to manufacture quality parts on site, which saves time on projects and allows us to keep prices low for customers.

Georgina Stairs

A great staircase means more than just being safe and functional, it can also be based off aesthetics. Since stairs are a major design element, you can easily elevate the style of your home décor by changing the wood style and finish on the stairs, railings, posts, balusters and even incorporating wrought iron into the design.


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