Stairs (New Construction)

Stairs (New Construction)

Old or unmaintained staircases can become loose over time becoming very dangerous to your family members. Staircases should be inspected every once in a while to ensure the prevention of major falling accidents. Aside from the safety hazard, stairs paint can chip and loose its beauty, or the stain finish can become dull looking. A newly renovated staircase will only raise the look of your home.

We meet with our clients and take measurements of your staircase space. We then create a template and discuss with you what you would like change and make suggestions. We take into consideration measurements, design and style of your home to come up with a completely unique and reflective lifestyle of our clients.

Questions to ask us

● Durability
● Quality
● Types of materials used

Our stairs normally take 4-5 days to build. This information will be provided to you during our first meeting to take measurements and discuss the design.

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