Staircases are no longer just a means to access the upper part of a house. Staircases are now part and parcel of house design. Stair designs come in two namely plain and fancy. As a home owner you are free to choose what makes your home pop. Of course you need to know that fancy stairs are more costly than the plain ones.

Fancy stairs

Fancy staircases are for those who want to spice the look of their home. You can go for something circular or customized. Do also note that lower and deeper stairs are more preferable. This is because the steeper the stair the harder it is to climb and you are not trying to torture guests and members of your household.

Something plain

Plain staircases don’t have much to offer when it comes to looks but still are usable. Experts say that these are staircases that have their position reserved like the back of the house or the basement they can also lead to other floors. They may appear dull but depending on how your home is designed you never know. You can upgrade the look of the stairs by laminating or adding carpets on the stairs.

Where do I get the designs?

Many homeowners usually love the stair case designs or stair case ideas they see online or in magazines. What they do not know is that what they see in another house was actually custom made for that particular home owing to its design. The best thing to do would be to get in contact with staircase manufacturers who will be able to design and make a staircase that matches with the look and feel of your home.

What materials should I use?


Wood is good if you are looking for versatility. It is easier to work with wood plus this is the kind of material that gives your home a timeless look. You need to note that the cost is dependent on the kind of wood you will be working with. Softwood like pine is cheaper than hardwood for instance oak.

Glass and acrylic

Glass can really bring in the light into the rooms plus it is very strong. Unfortunately acrylic can suffer scratches here and there. All in all these are the materials to go for if you are looking for something really affordable. For those of you considering balustrading then you need not look any further.


Metal was once considered a material limited to industrial environments but now things have evolved. This is the best material for spiral and straight staircases. A combination of metal and glass works quite well just don’t overdo it or your home will look like a factory.

Stone and concrete

Stone and concrete are for those who love a traditional classic look. It can also be fitted in a contemporary style. Things will look solid but you have to be patient enough to wait for them to be made.

You can talk to stair manufacturers and they will advice you accordingly. You can also hire their services when it comes to installing stairs.