If everything were taken seriously then, some accidents around the home or office would have been averted. Some of the things that are taken for granted include the stairs. Even though they are overlooked, they are essential. Many homeowners tend to concentrate more on adding storage space, re-carpeting, and wall-papering. In case you are looking to replace your staircases wood can be the best material. Below is why wooden stairs look awesome.

Wood elegancy

Wood has the inherent capability to add warmness and touch to anything. When used in staircase design they add that natural texture to the home. They can enhance your home with a new angle and fresh sensation. They also have the ability to make space look larger than it is and thus giving an eye-catching look to your home.

Easy to clean

Wooden steps are simple to clean and maintain. Regular dusting and mopping of these wooden stairs help make them keep their impressive look. Dark shade wood can conceal the dirt and dust while light shaded ones brighten up the space giving it that awesome. However, they require greater care and attention and maintenance to keep that bright and beautiful look.

Wood goes well with any setting

Wood has become very popular recently. It is easy to find any shape, style, size and the design for your staircase installation. Wood is a unique material that goes well with any setting to give a striking look that matches your décor. Wood can match any environment without having to change the look of your home setting.

It is durable

At times durability goes hand in hand with beautifulness. And this is the case with wooden stairs. Perhaps this feature adds to their uniqueness. Wood has the natural propensity of looking more stunning as time goes by, especially with proper maintenance and handling. They are mostly hand-made, and thus they add significant value to the home.

In case you are planning to have a wooden staircase installation, below are the some of the wood stairs manufacturers.

  • Stairplan. They manufacture purpose made timber staircases using the newest software and technology to produce high standard stairs. They also offer a variety of stair parts to help you repair your stairs.
  • All-Wood Stairs. This is a manufacturer of high-quality wood stair parts based in Canada.

Staircase designs

Now that you know why wooden stairs look awesome, here are the best designs.

  • Craftsman Style
  • Walnut Residence
  • Tietjen Foyer
  • Sweeping Stair Case
  • Apple Farm
  • Dhulipala

These are some of the best wooden stairs that are amazingly stunning. Wooden stairs installed at the entrance of a room provide the entry a welcoming look since they are very stylish.


Wood is therefore amongst the most long-established and low-cost staircase used in contemporary houses. Apart from adding that unique look to your home; they are durable, sturdy, and come with several advantages to spice up your house. They have the capability to achieve a high-class level and comfort within your financial estimate.