Times have changed so have the designs of handrails. There have been robust inventions and discoveries of many affordable materials convenient for the design of your choice. Take advantage of this opportunity and transform the entire appearance of your house by just customizing your handrails. If you are looking to add charm to your stair handrails is by having custom handrails installed. You are guaranteed unique and exquisite handrails by contacting Ideal stairs. We have been in the renovation industry since 2001 serving Toronto and its environs. We are a trusted partner.

Handrails are normally used with staircases, ramps, balconies, decks and the likes. They are used for safety measures on high areas. Apart from their initial use, handrails can also make a huge ornamental element. There are tons of designs to choose from, but this doesn’t mean you shouldn’t put your creativity to use by coming up with your own customized handrail that fits your taste and needs.

At times it might be a headache to come up with the right design of handrail to blend with your stairs and house. Be sure to consult stair builders. An experienced carpenter will be able to listen to your ideas and work with the available materials as well as the budget for the entire project. They will be able to help you factor in other issues that are of essence to the staircase renovation.

Cost of the handrail

Various materials have different costs so do different designs. Make sure to be aware of the various designs and materials then factor in the money you are ready to invest in the handrail project. Sometimes installing a handrail may involve renovating the entire staircase, this may be expensive. Here you have to design your handrail with the restrictions of the staircase, in terms of shape, materials and color.

Materials to be used

Treated pine or hardwood timber are the preferred materials for wooden handrail building. However, the look that you want to achieve is important too and can easily in cooperate different materials such as timber and glass or timber with steel which will greatly complement the final effect. However, the materials used must blend with the staircase, for instance, if your staircase is made from unusual timber, you are advised to build the handrail from the same timber so that the entire thing looks cohesive and jointed.

The shape of your staircase

The design of your customized handrail greatly depends on the shape of your staircase. The stairs may be spiral or may be straight. The handrail must take the shape of the staircase. This may call for staircase renovation to make sure you achieve the design of your custom handrail. If you have an unusual balustrade shape or a feature in your home that you would like to complement, be assured that a customized handrail would do the work.


Handrails greatly complement the design of your home, they add splendor and glamour of no equal. When considering to install handrails make sure to consult experts for they are well versed with ideas that will suit your taste and needs. However, make sure the entire handrail project is within the jurisdictions of your budget.