Picture your home as a 3D piece of art, sufficiently complimented by your customized stairs. Stairs installation is the new innovative way to completely change how your home looks and adds fragrance and ambiance to your once dull home. There are many ways to change the design of your staircase in your home. You can device your interior design by building custom stairs. Many companies use the obvious designs but at Ideal Stairs as a stair company you can expect the most innovative and up to date designs that will make your home the focal point of attraction. It is vital that the stairs function properly and fit in the design of the house

Planning for custom stairs may be a hustle if you don’t know the right stair builders. Entries say much about a home and usually create the first impression about your house. Impressive and unique staircases are a piece of art that much to no other art. They tell more about your sense of style and elegance. The following must be put into consideration if you want to add originality and ambiance in your home.

Price of your design

Your budget will definitely affect available design options. Depending on the amount of money you have you may have to let go of some aspects of the stair, like design and material to be used. Custom stairs installation is relatively costly and at times may seem impossible to build. For this is the route you for sure want to take consider finding stair builders who specialize in the design of your choice to ascertain that the project goes as planned without any difficulties. Go through their portfolio and take several propositions before coming up with the final decision. If your money is really not enough to purchase the design of your choice it is wise to by a pre-made stairs.

Provide easy and safe passage

Staircase design may vary in terms of safety and available space for movement. When planning for a staircase make sure to put this in mind. The passage should be wide enough to accommodate people and furniture of different sizes. The passage should also be safe and stylish at the same time. Just in case of an accident on the stairs there should be safety precautions taken to make sure the person is not seriously hurt. Safety should never be compromised in any way when it comes to stairs. This is because some stairs may be way too high or made using very hard materials. Strong rails are the best way to ensure no falling over high stairs. If you have children consider procuring a spiral stair from stair manufacturers to prevent anyone falling down the entire flight.

Materials used

Stairs are typically made of wood, particularly in homes. Metal is used in more modern homes and commercial buildings. Other materials can be incorporated with wood or metal for longevity. Material is essential depending on your custom design. Be sure to select materials that will meet the demands of your unique design.

Exquisiteness and design elements

Sophisticated and unique stair designs add beauty to your home. The architectural feature they offer is compared to none other in terms of splendor. Entry stairs are normally center of attraction of a home. Above all, to complete your design, make sure that the style of your stairs blends with the rest of the room to avoid incoherent appearance.


Stairs are an important part of the image of a house. Make sure the design is up to your taste and sense of style. Make sure to consult stair builders before you start the installation process to make sure the stairs blend with the rest of the house. Also, consider safety measures when installing your staircase.