Staircases are not just another way of traversing different floors in a home, with a good design they can be strategically fitted to make an artistic impression and add elegance to the home. There are different types of stairs in the market, but the custom wooden stairs outdo them all when it comes to home design or indoor remodeling. Here are five reasons why you should go for the custom wooden stairs for your indoor staircase needs.

They add elegance to your home

If you walk into most residential homes in Canada, you not only notice that most have invested in carefully crafted custom wooden stairs, but they are also firmly positioned near the entrance. They are meant to steal the home visitor’s attention with their elegance. Additionally, timber is available in different grains giving you the option of choosing just what appeals to you most.

They are easy to accessorize and style

Of all the types of stairs, the wooden staircase has the most earthy appeal and also easy to style and accessorize. If your wood grain appeals to you, only apply transparent wood stains as an accessory. You also can use other equally stylish wood finishes such as oak finish to improve its appeal. This is usually not possible with most other types of stairs as none turns out as appealing as wooden stairs.

Timber is light

A wooden staircase is lighter than concrete. This means that it won’t exert a lot of pressure on the floor thus possibly increasing its durability. In most cases, especially in standard sized homes, the stairs won’t require additional middle support thus saving on space. Additionally, it reduces overall floor material and costs needed to support the massive concrete in a high-rise home or apartment.

Matches with the homes ambiance

Another reason most homeowners prefer custom wooden stairs is the fact that they are easy to synchronize with the home’s interior décor as well as the outdoor finishes. For instance, the finish on the outdoor deck can also be applied with the indoor wooden staircase. However, the wood for the stairs should be a bit stronger to withstand the constant foot weight it will be subjected to regularly.

Modern and durable

For quite a long time, home developers have been using timber to construct house stairs, all of which have stood the time test. To avoid constant repairs and replacements, most stairs installers use wood from hardwood trees and adding to the fact that they are used indoors where they are exposed to friendly weather environment; they have the potent of lasting long. Modern technology such as vinyl and paints used on the wood before installation keeps away insects that cause rotting and make them waterproof.

Bottom line

The next time you think of staircase installation for either a new building or recommending it to a friend, consider the custom wood stairs. They not only complement the home’s indoor and outdoor ambiance but are also modern and easy to style as well as durable. Wooden staircases have withered the test of time and not even the new technology would phase them out. Instead, it has popularized and ultra-modernized them.