When it comes to renovation, staircases are always overlooked as homeowners stress on structural walls and other areas they deem more important in the house. Staircases are fundamental areas that can be functional as they offer way to the upper compartments within the house. It all depends on how you configure and maintain them. If you are not content with the look of your staircase, it’s about time you considered doing some stair renovation.  

Location, planning and a little decoration can come in handy in making the most out of your stair design.  


Let them tower above doors


If you are planning to relocate your stairs to leave a room for other functions, why not position them strategically so that doors and drawers can pull out from their side? This way you will be able to utilize the space beneath, while still reducing obstruction caused by drawers and doors in the house.


Go the spiral way


These stairs are ideal for saving on space in the house. If you do not have sufficient room, you can always go for the spiral winding stairs. Additionally, they also offer a stunning feature if you would like to bring on some dramatic appeal.  Spiral stair installation is a complicated task that may require professional stair installers. You can trust specialists like Toronto staircase pros to get the job done.


Redesigning works wonders too


When carrying out stair renovation, a good cushioning with stair runners can be far reaching. This is a simple way to make your stairs attractive and really does the trick by offering a stunningly attractive look besides bringing on board some grip on your stairs. You can as well inject some color or make a simple update by stripping off the old worn carpet, revealing the beauty of the hardwood beneath.


Try carpets, floor runners or rugs


These offer a great connection of your stairs and the hall they lead to avoid cases of missteps. If you happen to get any of these that match the color of your stair runners, then you are in a better position to bring a special touch to your staircase and make it safer.  Besides, for stairs that are alongside a wall, you can fill up the space beside them with an artwork, framed pictures or beautiful wallpaper.


Make a storage room beneath


Staircase design doesn’t has to occupy all your space without paying you back. If you are into playing the cards right with your stair renovation, you can consider installing under-the-stair storage shelves below your staircase. These additional storage spaces are ideal for books or other stationary that does not require a lot of space. This is a great way of making for the space taken up by the stair and can still turn out to be useful in utilizing the under space if your room is not so spacious.

There is a lot you can do to make your stair design attractive and useful. Besides, you can strike the balance between the space they occupy and room they create. It’s all about the space you have, the stair design you relish and the stair installer you call upon to do the job. What’s more, you can always add a flash to your staircase with a chandelier if you want to light your stairway with a dramatic glow.