When it comes to building your house or any other project with two or more levels, staircases are an important aspect you cannot overlook in planning. These are vital in a building and are dependent on the planning and decision-making. Custom stairs should offer safe and easy passage between different levels in your house. What’s more, these important design elements can add to your house’s glamour too.

There are several ideas you should have handy in planning and building your stairs.


Pick the right product


Knowing the type of stairs you want in your house is a great step to begin with in planning. The choice of the type you need for your custom stairs should be driven by your inspiration to how you want the project to look upon completion. Whether you are building a new house or you are just into stair renovation, there are various stair designs that you can make use of for your custom stair plan.


Straight stairs


As the name suggests, this type of stairs do not have a change in direction. However, they can feature a number of designs, traditional and modern, simple and complex alike. They are as beautiful as the other options, providing a direct run between landings.


Curved stairs


If you are looking for elegance and style, then the curved stair design is for you. These staircases offer a widely popular choice for custom stairs, thanks to their style and almost seamless flow from one level to the other. They come in different designs, sizes and shapes as well and get some attention too.


Considering your budget


It is obvious that your budget will definitely affect your choice of custom stairs; depending on the material to use and design. Custom stairs installation or renovation is quite costly and thus requires proper planning, including the financial factor. Considering your budget comes in handy in helping the project go on well without halts or difficulties. It is always wise to buy a pre-made stairs if your money cannot suffice in making the stairs from the ground up.


Ensure safety and space


Quite often, homeowners tend to be short of space and choose to squeeze the stairway to create room around. However, this should not be the case, as stated earlier; stairs should provide easy and safe passage. This is only achievable if you have spacious staircase. In most cases, besides having enough space, strong rails do work well for safety, as well as using spiral staircases to prevent anyone from rolling down the entire flight especially in the case of high stairs.


About the actual building  


When it comes to the actual building of your stairs, a number of calculations are imperative. These include the total rise from the ground to the last step, the run, which is the length of every staircase and the risers (the height of every staircase). The standard home stair is about 9 feet high, while the risers can go up to between 7 and 8 inches each. The risers should be equal for the stair to be uniform. You should also make sure you have stringers in place. These are supportive structures for the steps, typically measuring 2 inches by 10 inches. Lastly, ensure you include railings and balusters for safety, to prevent anyone from falling off the staircase.

Planning and building stairs as well as stair renovation is not as easy as it seems. Therefore, this task requires the input of a professional, if you are not sure about completing the project by yourself. This may be costly, but if well done, it provides a good link between house levels and offers some attractive feature too, which makes it worth the cost.